A single track allows you to get all the information you can from the conference.

Great speakers

Our outstanding speakers are pre-eminent in the Sass and design communities.


CampSass is a single day conference, so won't take a huge chunk of your time.

Camp Sass is a one day conference for front end developers, CSS ninjas, UX mavens, and Sasstronauts where you come to learn the latest Sass news, meet other Sasstronauts, and find out about how to make your teams more effective.

Plus, it's a chance to get drunk with Hampton at the afterparty! A must-do if you love Sass.

Check out our promo video, too.



Hampton is the creator of Sass and is super-excited to host CampSass. He thinks he's pretty funny and will regale all atendees with his jokes. He wrote this in the third person, which is kinda weird. He's also the creator of Haml, Tritium, and Wikipedia Mobile. He's the co-founder of Rarebit, who are currently working on making an awesome dictionary app that he'd love to talk to you about.


Jina enjoys creating beautiful user experiences. She is a Senior Product Designer with Salesforce UX. Previously, Jina has worked with rad companies including Apple, Engine Yard, and Crush + Lovely. She also coauthored 2 books, Fancy Form Design and The Art & Science of CSS. Jina organizes the San Francisco Sass meet up, The Mixin, and she leads Team Sass Design, an open source task force that redesigned the Sass brand and website. She has a side project, Art in My Coffee, a curated gallery of coffee art.


Bermon is the organizer of various community groups for user experience designers and front-end developers, and the organizer of Blend Conference, a 3-day multi-track event for user experience strategists, designers and developers. He also leads the user experience team for Cardinal Solutions' Charlotte office where he consults with large enterprise clients on interesting problems across user experience, design and front-end development.


Atlanta — The epicenter of tech and design in the South. Camp Sass will be at Polygon in Atlantic Station. Centrally located with tons of amenities just a few steps away.


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Code of Conduct

Camp Sass adheres to the the Sass Community Guidelines. We take them very seriously and they will be enforced at the event.

If you feel like the Sass Community Guidelines have been breached, please find an organizer or contact Michael via twitter.